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           Subject:  JUNGLE WARFARE TRACKING TRAINING Contract Awarded.
  20 May, 2016 Tactical Tracker Training School was notified that we had won the Jungle Warfare Tracking Training Contract.
 Training was to commence at 0800 hrs. Monday June 13, at the US Marine Corps Jungle Warfare Training Center at Camp Gonsalves, Okinawa, Japan, and finalize with a CULEX 23, June after conducting 2 phases of Combat Jungle Tracking Training. The training was to be conducted for US Marine Combat Hunter, and Combat Tracking Instructors in order to facilitate and enhance their knowledge and ability to better or improve their instructional skills at Visual Mantracking.  
   The course was a complete success along with all the expected elements of Jungle Training in play, rain, humidity, heat, sun, insects, lost spoor, dense vegetation, Habu in the face and underfoot, Fire Belly Newts, slippery surfaces, wet feet, holes, and a lot of great training combined with a group of great Marines with an outstanding training mindset.


 OK, Snake eating real men...So lately I've been hearing some of  the most ridiculous bilge being slug out for tracking students to ultimately scrape off of their boots and hopefully, clear out of their ears.  There are low speed, delusional people out there, who are actually trying to convince even experienced trackers and some of our former students as well as students of other reputable tracking schools, that STICK Tracking is actually....better for achieving successful tracking follow-ups.   We even heard from a guy that he thought this slow, tedious, and most ineffective method of creeping along on hand and foot with their ....sticks, was the more "advanced" method of tracking.  We were told of one, dare I say, instructor, even said that " you can not effectively track without the use of the tracking stick, and a K-9".   We suggest putting down the pipe, take in some air and go back to growing pot, or whatever it was that they did prior to teaching tracking.  Although we encourage our students to try other methods and styles of tracking, but would never say that this is the only way, or only style that works..  It is without a doubt, the faster, more tactical, and most effective when it comes to finding the quarry on the move and closing and capturing, rescue, or if necessary, eliminating said quarry. Hell..even for cold tracks back to a source, or for gathering intel.  Imagine using a tracking stick to locate, identify, where a possible IED had been em placed..yeah...  Everyone should learn how using that stick works and when it might be the rare occasion that might come along and you can't figure out the size, stride, of your quarry's foot and stride..but if you get to the quarry, then put it away, toss it aside, and get on the ball by macro tracking... The guys who bailed...fine keep that attitude and go nowhere, Stick guys...we welcome you to our course when you're ready to start getting tracking success..and yes, you can bring the stick. We won't rag you, but you'll be happy in the end to leave it when you graduate.



So... all of a sudden everyone is a "Tracking Instructor"  WTF?  How does this happen?  We can put you through our entire course and you'll have at a minimum of 150 hrs of under our wing instruction, then put you through our additional Instructor Course 600 hrs. and you should have something which parallels the Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) or like course, a law enforcement Instructor course...and so on...and you still can not be an actual Tactical, Combat, or Visual Tracking Instructor with any accreditation...  How can most of these clowns calling themselves "Tracking Instructors", actually explain what it's like to track an actual hostile or potentially hostile, or even just someone on the move, without the experiences associated with having actually tracked multiple quarry in the real world.   Let's use the analogy of doing a room clearing..shoot house, compared to doing an actual entry...nuff said right....  Same thing with tracking... We can see these well trained up guys as Instructor assistants or even instructor candidates...but as the lead, or the head of a so called "Tracking School''...please..  SO,,how about if we take a "Tracking Instructor Course"...Does this training come with some real world tracking of hostiles, fugitives, bad guys, and potentially hostile fleeing individuals?  Are they going to be feeling the potential danger...deep in their hearts that they may be fired upon during the track?..  OK then.   I know some damn good trackers who are operating reputable schools, but think twice about instant Tracking Instructors to teach your guys.   ...and stay away from those guys who just steal courses and POIs we call 'Pop Ups".  You'll know who they are.
  Stay safe and keep on trackin.

HEY... Now these guys are changing up their tune and trying to claim they have some real world tracking experience to pass along.  All BS,  having served is all good, but having served, id not the same as "having served and been trackers, or not as tracking keep it in perspective..One was our student, who didn't get to track as an LEO, and never while serving, the other was David's student..(although David has absolutely no memory of him, and definitely did NOT give him permission to use his copyrighted materials either) was out of the military very shortly after taking the course, never used tracking downrange, or conducted training. careful of the BS.  ...lot of these guys out there.   I have only been tracking sense before these kids were even born...


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